I enjoy reading the monthly technology radar from ThoughtWorks. It keeps you update with the trend, because Software industry is like Fashion:

New things are coming out everyday, while classic keeps classic.

Here are some ideas about the latest edition: Technology Radar Nov ‘15


  • Generated infrastructure diagrams

    Interesting, using API to generate diagrams from cloud infrastructures. Sounds like a startup idea.

  • NoPSD

    Yes, everybody is loving Sketch. And who doesn’t know HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript now?
    I’ll predict Full Stack Designer will be the next hot title.

  • Products over projects

    I think we’re all making products instead of projects as long as the output is used by human.

  • BEM

    Naming convention for CSS. I like this because I’m a fan of coding standard/naming convention. They exist for better communication.

  • BFF - Backend for frontends

    It’s like ‘responsive backend design’? Any examples?

  • Event Storming

    “outside-in” domain modeling. This is interesting.

  • Flux

    I think the philosophy behind React.js and Flux makes sense. It reduces complexity and makes things easy to reason about. I like it.

  • NPM for all the things

    We just have invented too many tools, now it’s time to simplify things.

  • Offline first web applications

    Yes, web applications are more like ‘native’ applications now. Actually, nowadays do we really care it’s a ‘web’ application or ‘native’ application? The gap is shrinking. Exiting.

  • Bug bounties

    Money is not always the best incentive, but it’s usually a good one. See WeChat Red Envelope


  • Composer

    Who doesn’t want dependency management?

  • Postman

    Good tool.

  • Gitrob

    Be careful when you commit your password/API key to public. I like the name too.

  • RAML

    Spec for API. Interesting. In our hands, we have “apps, apps, and apps”. In the cloud, we have “API, API and API”. I guess we do need a spec.

  • Visual Studio Code

    It’s built on Electron. Using web technology to build cross platform products is the future IMHO. I’ve tried Node-WebKit (now nw.js) and it has been good.


  • AWS Lambda

    There is a called the ‘serverless trend’

  • SPDY

    You should look at HTTP/2

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