Thank you, Netflix, for letting me know that I really need to read the "terms and conditions" before signing up any **FREE** service. The customer service told me that I was not qualify for the **FREE** trial, but on the day I signed up, there is absolutely NO sign of that. I naively believed I was enjoying the **FREE** trial.

Thank you, Netflix, for teaching me to keep an eye on my credit card statement, because you charged my card without sending me ANY email confirmation/notification. You're just charged monthly, smoothly, and silently.

I should have known that Netflix is not a good service company on the day they changed their plan and screwed their existing customers. I should be alert when I saw their CEO's apology. Question: when does a CEO stand up and apologize for the company?  Answer: when they f**ked up their customers, big time.

Thank you, Netflix, for giving me a chance to rant on the internet.